Heroes Helles - Bavarian Hellesbier

A golden lager in the traditional Munich brewing style that is designed for refreshment.  When traveling through Bavaria this is what you find on tap in every authentic beer hall, pub or restaurant.


Our Heroes Helles is a crisp, full flavored beer with a slight hop character but not bitter. Pale and golden in appearance this beer is light and refreshing with a sweet honey-like aroma.


Seven Sisters - Münchner

The Seven Sisters were the original seven legendary breweries in Munich that hosted Oktoberfest. We see these as absolute heroes of the beer world. To honor these heroes we have brewed our very own Münchner (also known as a Vienna Lager).


This beer is a rich amber color and full bodied with a malty finish. All accentuated by a hint of noble hop aroma. Brewed the authentic way....Just the way the Seven Sisters would have wanted.

Sgt Mackenzie - Scotch Ale

Sgt. Charles Stuart MacKenzie of the Seaforth Highlanders, while being badly injured, stood his ground and made the ultimate sacrifice to protect his brothers-in-arms. This beer honors those who stand strong to protect others, no matter the cost. Stand your ground, lad!


A Classic Scotch Strong Ale also known as a 90 Shilling Ale or a Wee Heavy.  Deep walnut in color with mild warmth, balanced sweetness, and very little hop aroma.  This is a good high gravity ale well suited for “sipping”.

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