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Keeping trappist monks warm for centuries.  

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Belgian Dubbel



Residual Sweetness and Tartness

ABV: 8%


Low Hop Aroma


Full Body

We are best known for making ales and lagers from Germany, England, and Ireland. But once a year, we pay homage to that other phenomenal beer-making European nation: Belgium.  


A true Belgian-style Dubbel is full-bodied, and not cloying. The special Belgian yeast used had a higher alcohol tolerance than most and imparts a fruity (ester-y) flavor.  


Divine Dubbel is available for a limited time in the winter months. Pair it with a nice venison backstrap, chocolate truffles, and Gregorian chants. 


We pour this beer in a Belgian tulip glass, as you might expect. This traps all of the great aromas of Divine Dubbel and enhances the experience.  

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