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It doesn't get more authentic than this.  

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Irish Red Ale

ABV: 5.5%


Caramel, Toffee, Earthy Finish


Slightly Fruity Aroma


Medium Body

 A very approachable style, Irish reds are a nice introduction for those new to craft beer. But since it is so easy drinking, some beer nerds (um, aficionados) skip over them in favor of something new.  


Do not be that person.  


Thanks to our brewers proclivity toward authenticity, Half Cork’d is a sublime example of this beer. Using roasted malt and barley, Half Cork’d boasts a bit of weight with a noticeable (but not off-putting) hop bitterness. It is balanced with notes of caramel/toffee and fresh bread. As you may expect, Half Cork’d pairs with all sorts of foods, including Derby Cheddar cheese, burgers, and fries. 


We serve Half Cork’d in a classic pint glass – uncomplicated, approachable, and familiar.  

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