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The beer to drink with dinner, Heroes pairs with everything.  

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Bavarian Golden Lager


Clean, Toasted Malt, Bread-Like

ABV: 4.8%


Sweet, Honey-Like Aroma



When you think of German beer, this one is likely one the first that comes to mind. Our version of this golden lager is a little bit toasty, with some robust floral notes from classic noble hops. Lightly sweet and supremely balanced, this is a beer you’ll drain without thinking twice.  


Pair this one with a light cheese plate, spicy Thai food, and those big soft pretzels with beer cheese with some awesome stone ground mustard.  


“Helles” (pronounced HELL-us) is a nice midway point between a step up from a light lager and a darker Dunkel. Pilsner malt and the classic noble hops combine to give Heroes subtle malty notes and a supremely clean-drinking experience. It’s simultaneously smooth, drinkable, and complex. 


We pour this beer in a Willi Becher pub glass. The tapered edge promotes proper head retention – which helps keep the aroma intact – and highlights Heroes’ gorgeous golden color.  You could use a regular shaker pint, but let’s be honest. This glass is way cooler.  

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