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Light bodied, but full of flavor, Karneval is ready to party.  

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German Kölsch Ale

ABV: 4.5%


Clean, Crisp, Light


Honey, Floral, Soft Fruits



This is the beer you’ll grab when watching the game with friends, for a post-yardwork brew, or manning the grill.  


Karneval is the preferred after-work brew of our brewing team. It's one of those beers you’ll always want to keep on hand, boasting a super-approachable flavor profile that’s clean, crispy, and supremely sippable.   


Pair Karneval with fried chicken, a light fish dish, or a backyard whiffle ball game. 


Kölsch is popular in the Cologne region of Germany and has been around for more than 300 years. Our version is brewed true to the original style, following the German Purity Law of 1516 (AKA the Reinheitsgebot).  


At our taproom, it’s served in a traditional Stange glass. While it may look like a super narrow water glass, there’s a great reason for it. Because Kölsch is delicate with low carbonation, a Stange helps with keeping that fizz in the beer. 


Karneval is named after the traditional pre-Lenten festival. Dating back to medieval times in Venice, the party eventually moved north into other Catholic countries – and eventually to North America. While the German and American versions both involve parades, masks and parties, Germany likes to make fun of politicians and current events. The American version is a little more … um … spirited.  

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