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ABV: 5.2%


Bubble Gum, Clove, Citrus


Bready & Fruity Banana with hint of Clove


Medium Body

Carry Lorelei in your bar, restaurant, or bottle shop. Contact Chris Less at or (281) 798-4393

Lorelei is lovely, light, and beautiful. Created true-to-style with 50% wheat, the unique yeast used in creating this beer imparts a fruity banana flavor with a hint of clove. Citrus notes play well here. It is bready but light, unfiltered but light. A juxtaposition of experiences, but we’re here for the ride.  


Pair this with cedar plank salmon, lobster, or goat cheese. 


We pour Lorelei in a traditional German wheat beer glass, which is one of the coolest ones around. Our 16-ounce version showcases this beer’s thick and creamy head with the beautiful golden haze. 


Fair Lorelei is the beautiful siren of the Rhine river. Like most mermaids, her spellbinding melody sealed the fate of many a sailor. Be careful – our version is also beguiling. 

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Embrace your inner mermaid.

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