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Lederhosen optional,

but recommended. 

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Bavarian Lager



Rich Malt, Lower Bitterness

ABV: 6%


Malty, Caramel, Spicy/Floral Overtones


Medium Body

Big pretzels, big tables, and big steins – Welcome to Oktoberfest.  


There’s no bigger beer-drinking festival than Oktoberfest. Initially starting as a wedding celebration, it’s still going strong 200 years later. If you can’t make it to Munich, no worries. Our Oktoberfest celebration is a must-attend event each year, and this release is always one of our most anticipated.  


We brew our Oktoberfest as authentic as possible. Our brewers import German malt and hops and mimic the water composition of Munich. This results in a meticulously created amber lager that would be at home in any big beer hall. Malty with light caramel hints, you’ll also get spicy and floral overtones. It is crisp, clean, and will leave you wanting to fill up that stein over and over. 


Speaking of, we pour Oktoberfest in a glass dimpled stein. Because this is the beer steins were made for, and who are we to mess with tradition?  


Pair this with all of the delicious carbs, meats, and cheeses from Oktoberfest. 

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