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All hail the Queen of Ambers.

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Vienna Lager


Malty Finish

ABV: 5.2%


Noble Hop Aroma


Full Body

You may not know what a “Vienna Lager” is, but you’ve probably had one before. Pouring a rich amber in color, it’s full-bodied- yet smooth and balanced. Seven Sisters has a subtle nuttiness to it, with a touch of honey/caramel sweetness and notes of bread crust. At first glance, you'd think it’s heavy – but it's refreshingly crisp.  


Pair Seven Sisters with Edam cheese, Brats, or Mexican food.  


We named Seven Sisters in honor of the legendary Munich breweries that host Oktoberfest. At our taproom, you’ll get it in a special mug. It’s thick, heavy and narrow – designed for perfect head retention and showcasing its beautiful amber color.  

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