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Stand your ground, lad!  

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Scotch Ale


Mild Warmth, Balanced Sweetness

ABV: 7%


Very Little Hop Aroma


Medium-High Body

As you might expect from a Scottish brew, Sgt. MacKenzie is super malty with rich caramel and smoky notes. Bold, unpretentious and workmanlike, a scotch ale (AKA wee heavy) warm you up on chilly nights. 


Pair Sgt. MacKenzie with roast pork, sticky pudding, or an after-dinner cigar. 


We serve Sgt. MacKenzie in a traditional tulip glass – perfect for capturing the sweet and smoky aromas of this captivating beer. 


Sergeant Charles Stuart MacKenzie joined the Seaforth Highlanders during World War 1 with hundreds of his fellow Scotsmen. He died defending an injured fellow soldier during hand-to-hand trench warfare with the German army. According to legend, his picture fell off the fireplace mantle on that same day – which is how his wife knew he passed away. MacKenzie’s story inspired playwrights, composers, and filmmakers for generations. May we never forget our heroes.  

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