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Thunder into late spring with this high gravity heavy hitter.  

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Maibock Strong Lager



Hop balanced, Full of maltiness

ABV: 7%


Malt, Mild spice, Honey Warmth


Medium Body

Malt-forward with a medium body and a nice dry finish, Warhammer brings May into focus with a bang. One of our bigger beers at 7%, it’s pleasantly balanced, with great spicy and honey notes.  


Warhammer pairs with a crawfish boil, Fontina cheese, and the thrill of victory. 


We pour it into a Belgian tulip glass because you can’t handle a whole pint. Seriously, the slight concave walls trap Warhammer’s full fruity and bready aroma from its light tan head.  


Grab Warhammer as soon as you see it because it won’t last long.  

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